Personal Trainer

You help lead others through a transformative journey by giving them your time and attention in the gym, now it’s time for you to make an impact on them wherever they go.

Being a personal trainer isn’t just about getting others in shape; it’s about inspiring them to make the changes that will lead them to healthier, more fulfilling life. You motivate, you empower, you inspire- you help others live a good life and while it is about more than just a paycheck, now it’s time for you to create a good life for yourself in the process. (add practitioner speak and more pain)

There are about 350,000 personal trainers in the United States alone, with the average income being about $45,000- but you don’t want to be average, you want to be the best.

We’re here to help. By combining what you already know with our top tier education on functional nutrition and proper training applications you’ll be poised to rise to the top 1% no matter what gym you’re at.

Have you done everything that YOU KNOW and still can't get the results you want?

Do people keep coming to you with questions outside of what you were taught?

Do you need continuing ed, but don’t want to limit your knowledge to just training?

Are you ready to expand your services beyond just training and programming?

Interested in what Metabolic Mentor University can do for you as a Personal Trainer?