MMU Functional Business Ignitor

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Course Duration

90 Days

 over 12 weeks

Divided Into

3 Phases of 28-Day Cycles

Course Format

12 months access into the coaching, content and community. Every member has on-demand access to all of the information in module form in their student portal as well for convenience and learning on their own time. The real magic is in the support. Each member has the opportunity to participate in a live lead cohort, where educational sessions are conducted in a small group format. The cohorts are divided into three phases. Each phase has a 21-day learning cycle and a 7-day implementation cycle on the back end to ensure that everyone is not only understanding but also integrating the knowledge and resources into their individual coaching practices. Weekly live support calls, as well as a regular schedule of trainings and guest trainings, will keep members engaged and constantly exposed to new learning opportunities.

12 Months of Access:
  • Live Lead Cohort
  • All Course Modules
  • Support Calls
  • Implementation Calls
  • Guest Trainings & Interviews

Content Areas

Through these phased objectives, participants will progress from building a strong foundation in client attraction to engaging and nurturing their audience and, finally, to effectively convert prospects into clients. This structured approach, underpinned by the Holistic Business Model and the 4S Method, ensures comprehensive business development and personal growth within the functional health industry.

Phase 1

Client Attraction Systems

  • Mastering Social Media
  • The Case Study Method™
  • The Ninja Funnel
  • The Coach’s Triage

Learning Objective

Master the art of attracting high-quality prospects through strategic use of social media platforms, leveraging the Case Study Method™, the Ninja Funnel, and The Coach’s Triage. Develop a deep understanding of how to create compelling content that resonates with your target audience, setting a solid foundation for business growth.

Phase 2

Lead Capture and Engagement Skillsets

  • Using the Coach’s Dashboard
  • Email Strategies
  • Content Creation
  • Group Management

Learning Objective

Enhance engagement with your audience by implementing lead capture systems and refining communication skills. Learn to use the Coach’s Dashboard for effective lead tracking and management, as well as understand how to build a loyal and responsive email list to nurture leads and turn subscribers into clients. Improve your copywriting skills to boost engagement across all content platforms and understand how to build, grow and run a thriving online community of your own.

Phase 3

Conversion Tools and Strategies

  • Tools for Increasing Client Adherence
  • Local Market Strategies
  • Conversion Events
  • Business Periodization

Learning Objective

Acquire advanced conversion tools and strategies to effectively turn engaged prospects into paying clients. Master techniques such as the Box of Destiny for increasing client adherence, and learn how to execute conversion-focused events both online and in person. Implement business periodization to align your actions with specific phases of attraction, engagement, and conversion for systematic growth.

Meet Your Educators

Who You’ll Learn From

Michael Clifford

Michael Clifford

Functional Business Ignitor Instructor


Michael is a business strategist and mentor who has helped hundreds of coaches start and scale their coaching businesses. Starting as a personal trainer and programmer, Michael successfully built his own coaching business before moving into the world of education and mentorship in 2018. Now, his primary focus is overseeing the day-to-day operations and growth of MMU while also helping coaches inside the Ignitor find success and create freedom and prosperity in their lives. Michael teaches a principles-based approach to creating success in business, giving a guiding North Start that never changes, despite the frequently shifting landscape of tactics and strategies in the digital age.

Cameron Sulsona

Cameron Sulsona

Functional Business Ignitor Instructor

Marketing Coordinator at MMU

Cameron has a Master’s in Exercise Physiology and has been a coach and trainer for several years. He has run marketing for multiple eight-figure coaching and education companies. As such, he is well-versed in sales, marketing, copywriting, and many other hard skills associated with achieving success in building and scaling coaching businesses. He is an expert in chat and setter training and currently oversees the day-to-day marketing practices and concepts here at MMU. Cameron has a knack and love for community building and gamification- making every growth opportunity an enjoyable one.