Level 2
Functional Health Course

by Metabolic Mentor University

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Our Level 2 Functional Health Course is completely self-paced and will take approximately 50 hours to complete. In addition our Level 2 Functional Health Course includes enrollment into our Labs Track Course. You can jump into these modules at any time. We recommend completing it alongside your Level 2 Journey, as you’ll find the topics coincide and will increase your understanding of the material.

Upon graduation you will be a Level 2 Certified Functional Health Coach capable of effectively incorporating functional lab work into your coaching practice through comprehensive assessment and individualized protocols in areas like thyroid, hormones, fat loss and metabolic disease.

Module 1

ID Your Client

Module 2

Advanced Biofeedback

Module 3


Module 4


Module 5

Thyroid Mastery

Module 6

Blood Glucose

Module 7


Module 8


Module 9

Cardiovascular Disease

Module 10

Body Image

Course Outline

Module 1: ID Your Client
Module 2: Advanced Biofeedback
Module 3: Stress
Module 4: Inflammation
Module 5: Thyroid Mastery
Module 6: Blood Glucose
Module 7: Hormones
Module 8: Genetics
Module 9: Cardiovascular Disease
Module 10: Body Image

Lab Tracks


  • Foundations of Bloodwork: CBC, CMP
  • Thyroid Panels
  • Lipid & Fractionated Lipid Panels
  • Tiered Autoimmune Panels
  • Female Fat Loss, Sex Hormones &
  • Metabolic Disease Panels
  • Male Fat Loss Panel
  • OID Panels

DUTCH Testing

  • Choosing the right DUTCH Test
  • DUTCH 101 Training
  • Male DUTCH CompleteStool Analysis

ZRT Tests

  • Cardiometabolic Profile
  • Thyroid Profile
  • Female Profile
  • Cortisol Profile
  • 4 Point Cortisol

Genetic Testing

  • Strategene
  • GX Sciences PRO 7
  • 3x4 Blueprint

Specialty Testing

  • Genova Organic Acid Test
  • MRT Food Sensitivity Test
  • Spectracell Micronutrient
  • Great Plains Lab MycoTox
  • Great Plains Lab OMEGA 3 Index
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With hundreds of students, we're changing the way Nutritionists, Functional Health Practitioners, Personal Trainers, Registered Dietitians, Physical Therapists and even Doctors & Nurses are programming their clients for maximum results over the long-term.

"I've been in the business for over 20 years...I didn't really put it all together until I started looking to the functional side of health coaching."

Owen Evans

Gym Owner & Functional Health Coach

"I kept seeing these cases that I didn't know how to solve...MMU completely changed my business and my client results. 100% worth it!"

Ashley Shields

Functional Health Coach