Level 1
Functional Health Course

by Metabolic Mentor University

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Our Level 1 Functional Health Course gives you the option to move at your own pace or join a live cohort that meets twice weekly. Upon graduation you will be a Level 1 Certified Functional Health Coach ready to use your knowledge to help people achieve their health goals. In our Level 1 program you will uncover the foundations of a functional root-cause approach while learning our proprietary 4F system that will have you unlocking your best client results yet. As a bonus, we’ve put together lessons on the top ‘must-know’ business & marketing skills to ensure that your coaching business experiences growth in our program right from the beginning.

The 4F System

Our 4F System methodically works through the body systems to give each of them nourishment and repair full body functioning while also supporting body composition goals.


The Flush Phase is focused on full body detoxification to fire up the metabolism. The Flush removes all common allergens and inflammatory foods, while opening up detox pathways with high levels of targeted micronutrients.


The Feed Phase gives you time to implement gut microbiome work and improve insulin sensitivity while getting the client’s calories as high as possible with a flexible food exchange system.


The Function Phase works to optimize hormones and change programming to focus more on body composition. With a healthy microbiome, nourished adrenals, improved thyroid function, balanced hormones, and a metabolism that’s burning up - getting physique changes becomes a lot easier!


The Fast Phase encompasses the idea of removal of a specific stimulus for a period of time. There are many things we can fast from: sugar, processed foods, watching tv before bed, social media, supplements, certain types of workouts, or even fasting a certain amount of hours in a day! Learn how to cycle periods of “push” versus “pull” to get sustainable results.

Course Outline

Timeline Module(s)
Pre-Class New Student Orientation
Business Basics Course
Week 1 Module 1: Functional Foundations Lessons 1-4
Week 2 Module 2: Functional Foundations Lessons 5-8
Week 3 Module 3: 4F System
Module 4: Client Assessment & Relationship Building
Module 5: Biofeedback
Week 4 Module 6: Flush Phase Lesson 1
Week 5 Module 7: Flush Phase Lesson 2
Week 6 Module 8: Feed Phase Lesson 1
Week 7 Module 9: Feed Phase Lesson 2
Week 8 Module 10: Function Phase Lesson 1
Week 9 Module 11: Function Phase Lesson 2
Week 10 Module 12: Fast Phase Lesson 1
Week 11 Module 13: Fast Phase Lesson 2
Week 12 Module 14: Final Exam & Wrap Up
Week 13 Graduation

The Level 1 Live Cohort Model will require an average of 3-6 hours weekly for 13 consecutive weeks. This estimate includes time allotted for the 2 weekly calls.

The Level 1 Live Cohort Model

This course will require an average of 3-6 hours weekly for 13 consecutive weeks. This estimate includes time allotted for the 2 weekly calls.

Live Cohort Self Paced
13 Consecutive Weeks *recommended to complete in 13 weeks, access for 1 year
Live teaching from Vince Pitstick & Dr. Carrie Jones (at least 1 session per cohort) No live teaching
2, 60-minute instructor led calls each week No live calls
Cohort private group chat General community chat
Community membership access starts at week 12 Community membership access starts at week 12
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What Are Our Graduates Saying?

With hundreds of students, we're changing the way Nutritionists, Functional Health Practitioners, Personal Trainers, Registered Dietitians, Physical Therapists and even Doctors & Nurses are programming their clients for maximum results over the long-term.

"I've been in the business for over 20 years...I didn't really put it all together until I started looking to the functional side of health coaching."

Owen Evans

Gym Owner & Functional Health Coach

"I kept seeing these cases that I didn't know how to solve...MMU completely changed my business and my client results. 100% worth it!"

Ashley Shields

Functional Health Coach