Our Mission

The 1 in 100

Lifestyle and chronic disease

is taking over the globe.


will die of cardiovascular disease this year.


will be hospitalized from adverse drug reactions.

5 million

women suffer from PCOS.

6.1 million

women suffer with fertility issues.


of the population will be obese by 2030.

23.5 million

are autoimmune sufferers.

47 million

will have metabolic syndrome this year.

The 1 in 100 Mission

At MMU our driving purpose is The 1 in 100 Mission. A call to support and develop at least 1 functional health coach for every 100 people. We believe with enough Functional Health Coaches, that together we can reshape health in the United States and ultimately, around the world.

In taking our courses, you’ve joined us in the fight to revolutionize the health and wellness industry and we are thrilled to have you here.