Level 3
Functional Health Course

by Metabolic Mentor University

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Our Level 3 Functional Health Course is completely individualized with a ‘Build Your Own’ structure requiring 20 credit hours of your choosing from the list below. Once you’ve completed the required credit hours, then you are eligible to sit for our Functional Health Practitioner Certification Exam.

This path is truly for the practitioners who want to submerge themselves into a transformative and inspiring learning process that will give them the confidence to tackle the toughest cases and conditions.

Course Outline

Timeline Module(s) Credit Hours
Taking Charge of Fertility Module 1: Menstrual Cycle & Ovulation
Module 2: Fertility & Prenatal Support
Hybrid Training Systems Module 1: Types of Training Stimulus
Module 2: Programming Variables
Module 3: Building Programs
Module 4: Training for Specific Diets
Module 5: Training Growth & Cut Strategies
Module 6: Physique Focused Flush Strategies
Metabolic Resistance Module 1: Metabolic Resistance Foundations
Module 2: Metabolic Resistance Fat Loss Strategies
Module 3: Mitochondrial Fitness
Module 4: Keto Strategies
Skin Conditions Module 1: Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema  2
HRT & Peptides Module 1: Medical & Coaching Collaboration
Module 2: Patient Candidacy
Module 3: Lab work Considerations
Module 4: Hormone Replacement Therapy
Module 5: Peptides
Advanced Hormones Module 1: PCOS
Module 2: Birth Control
Module 3: Advanced Hormone Conditions
Advanced Gut Protocols Module 1: Carb Pulse Strategies
Module 2: GI Post Care & Prevention
Autoimmune Mastery Module 1: The Immune System In-depth
Module 2: Autoimmune Disease
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Hear From MMU Students!

What Are Our Graduates Saying?

With hundreds of students, we're changing the way Nutritionists, Functional Health Practitioners, Personal Trainers, Registered Dietitians, Physical Therapists and even Doctors & Nurses are programming their clients for maximum results over the long-term.

"I've been in the business for over 20 years...I didn't really put it all together until I started looking to the functional side of health coaching."

Owen Evans

Gym Owner & Functional Health Coach

"I kept seeing these cases that I didn't know how to solve...MMU completely changed my business and my client results. 100% worth it!"

Ashley Shields

Functional Health Coach